Stringbean curry

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this free food recipes have much nutrition and protein very good for body
the main matiral using stringbean, and supported potato and meat
it possible you can use another support for research or testing for your taste

material :

350 gram stringbean slice thin askew
250 gram potato piece like cube, fried half cooked
100 gram rasp coconut (fried without oil), refined
250 gram meat,boil, piace like cube if just only wish used
250 mil coconut milk for 1/3 granule coconut
1 stem lemongrass
1 piece galangal
2 tablespoon fried oil

refined flavor :

3 granule candle nut (fried without oil)
1/2 teaspoon turmeric mince
1 teaspoon ginger mince
1 teaspoon round papper
5 piece shallot
2 clove garlic
salt follow taste

cooking :

  1. heated oil with medium fire and fried stringbean to be withered , raice
  2. heated new oil with medium fire and fried flavor have refined, and then entering lemongrass,galangal to be aromatic, entering meat,coconut milk,and rasp coconut, end then boiled
  3. entering stringbean and potato,cooked to entire ripe raice and present

for 3-4 people