Chicken corn soup

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this free food recipes to present soup, main material it's
chicken and young corn very easy to cooking this recipes
i hope this recipes useful

material :

1/2 chicken
750 mil water
10 young corn
4 carrot, round piece
1 ons rice fungus
4 teaspoon ground pepper
2 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon green onion slice
1 tablespoon celery slice

cooking :

  1. boiled chicken in 750 mil water with salt to boil and take 500 mil stock chicken. raise chicken, and then take bit by bit meat chicken and entering again to stock.
  2. entering carrot and young corn into stock, cook to cooked. give salt, ground pepper,green onion,celery, and rice fungus. cook to fungus cooked. if stock coagulate add alittle water.
  3. raise and present.

for 4-5 people