onion soup

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this recipes it's my favorite very easy to cooking and simple
about material to have this recipe my best recipe in my free food recipes
if your don't like chicken stock you can using any stock my be cow meat
that i said or other stock

material :

1 tablespoon margarine
6 tablespoon wheat flour ( fried without oil )
1 liter chicken stock or using cow meat for stock
2 piece onion, slice
1/2 teaspoon pepper powder
3 teaspoon salt
3 granule clove
fried onion

cooking :

  1. fried sliced onion with margarine. entering into stock that while boil with medium fire
  2. diluted wheat flour. and then entering bit by bit into stock. and added pepper,salt, clove,and fried onion, cook in 30 minute to cooked.
  3. raise and present

for 3-5 people