scramble eggs

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this recipes for blend cooking, with sandwiches , brean , sausage next article
i will to share you about scramble egg sandwiches, scrammble egg sausage
this recipes very easy to cooking.

material :

4 granule big size chicken egg
100 ml gradde
enough ground pepper and salt
1 tablespoon margarine for fried

cooking :

mixed all material except margarine, shake until all material mix in good. hoted work
in medium fire, thined margarine, after surface calm pour batter egg, fried egg until
1/2 cook ( while wait just silented don't stir ).

after 1/2 cook we can slow stir begin with under part egg, do it thing same until egg
cooked to wisht approriate not need very dry and still little wet

for make graade :

krem shake with 100 ml milk in other that fat not high, the best shake in situation cold
why in other to save in freezer 2-3 month