Spaghetti Meat Balls

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finishing learn cook spaghetti , and then a write this article
this spaghetti main material meat , this recipes very easy to cooking
and easy material to get.

material :

250 gram spaghetti
50 gram rasp cheese

for made meat balls (stir flat and rounded ) :

300 gram roll meat cow
1 granule yellow egg
50 gram bread flour
enough salt and ground pepper

topping :

2 tablespoon margarine
1 onion soft mince
2 clove gralic soft mince
1 teaspoon italian seasioning
100 gram tomato sauce
2 tablespoon sauce made with condiment
enough salt, ground pepper, sugar

cooking :

  1. boiled spaghetti to be cooked raise.
  2. fried meat balls to be cooked raise.
  3. heated margarine, fried onion and garlic to be aromatic.
  4. entering italian seasioning,salt,pepper and sugar added tomato sauce and sauce made with condiment stir flat and cook to be cooked. entering meat balls stir flat raise.
  5. prepared plate located spaghetti in the plate and the spray with topping in the top.
  6. prepared with rasp cheese.