Hamburger pizza

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at last easy cooking recipes can be cook pizza,hmm... now i know how to
cooked pizza this frist i don't it's good or no this recipes because
i have ready to cooked pizza not bad for me hehe...

material :

1 skin batter pizza

burger sauce
shallot slice
tin pineapple divide to be two
paprika slice like matches
sheet cheese , cut to be four

cooking :

entering and put pizza in oven under part, heated for temperature 250 C until 30 minute
while waiting, in paper brean thined and form skin pizza, spread in skin pizza with
burger sauce , remainder round wide about 2 cm, arrage slice shallot, piece pineapple,
chicken breakfast/lunch sausage, slice paprika, and closed with cheese, and then
entering to oven, place pizza in the top, baked during 8-12 minute and piece pizza.