fried chicken galangal

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this easy cooking recipes have rice flavor, that flavor to can increase taste meal.
main material only chicken and galangal for this recipe.
don't see good or bad recipe but at moment taste.

material :

1 kg chicken piece to be 8
1 stick lemongrass bruised
4 tablespoon galangal
fried oil

bumbu :

3 clove garlic
5 piece shallot
3 candle nut ( fried but don't use oil )
1 teaspoon tamarind
2 teaspoon turmeric hacked
salt and sugar appropriate taste

cooking :

  1. from washbasin, mixed and knead piece chicken with refined flavor and rasp galangal to flat
  2. prepared the work and then entering mix piece chicken with lemongrass, close the work.
  3. cooked with medium fire, cooked to chicken half done.add water if necessary, raise chicken.
  4. heated the oil in to the work many enough in with medium fire. fried chicken to brown. end then raise.
  5. present with flavor food remnants in the top


4-5 people