chicken foot dragon

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i think ,this easy cooking recipes very unique because am firstly to cooked like
this but not problem about that, but it's important about taste and
happy to cooking recipes

material :

18 piece stick from bamboo, 10 cm for long
300 gr mill chicken meat
50 gr carrot, mince
50 gr onion, refined
4 clove garlic, refined
2 clove shallot, refined
1/2 granule chicken egg, shake
1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon sesame seed
50 gr sago flour
enough salt and papper powder

for meat batter :

50 gr wheat flour
1/2 granute egg, shake
100 gr coarse brean flour
enough fried oil
tomato sauce
bottle sauce

cooking :

  1. for meat batter : mixed all material for meat batter to flat, make shape circle egg or oval
  2. give wheat flour to meat batter and then entering one by one into egg ( egg have shake )
  3. roll in brean flour, and then sticked , then fried in medium fire to cooked, raice
  4. present with tomato sauce and bottle sauce