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new this time I found this amazing recipe, I tried this recipe several times is really delicious. With material that is not much but this recipe will not lose out with the other recipes, this recipe into the recipe to my recipe collection. free food recipes.

material :

6 eggs
1 small can of caviar (2 tablespoonfuls)
1/2 pint of stock
1 teaspoonful of onion juice
1 dash of pepper

cooking :

  1. Hard-boil the eggs, remove the shells, cut them into halves lengthwise; take out the yolks without breaking the whites, and press them through a sieve, then add the caviar, onion juice and pepper.
  2. Heap these back into the whites.
  3. Boil the stock until reduced one-half, baste the eggs carefully, run them into the oven until hot, pour over the remaining hot stock and send to the table.


On November 5, 2011 at 2:04 AM , Anonymous said...

Delicious recipe i am going to throw caviar at a party definitely going to try this