vegetable food (Gado-Gado)

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material A :

1 band leafy vegetable
200 g green beans
200 g bean sprouts
2 graint potato
2 graint egg
chips ( made of flour flavored with fish or shrimp)
enoughly fried shallots

material B :

200 g peanut
200 g kidney sugar
100 g cayenne peppe
1 lime (just the water)
2 clove garlic

how cooking :

refined material B end then fried material B until cooked then mixed and hot water.
and give lime (just the water).

sliced material A excepted bean sprouts and chips, for egg boiled firstly and then sliced,
mixed material A and material B mix to flat then give fried shallots and chipe in upper.

this recipe for 2-3 people to eat.